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Fishing rates

Fishing rates for guests Lodging on the premises

  • Fishing rates is $70.00 daily per person

Limit of daily catch: 8 trouts

The rates include boat, safety jacket and safety kit.

  • Spouse or children 12 year old and over without permit: $40.00 per person using the principal permit holder. Daily catch Limit  : 8 trouts for the same fishing permit.


Special for the months of July and August 2024

For July and August 2024, 2 rates are available  for our lodging guests.

Included: Boat, safety jacket and safety kit.

  • Fishing rates: $70.00 per day/per permit

Daily catch Limit  : 8 trouts

  • Fishing rates: $45.00 half quota,

daily catch Limit : 4 trouts



Rates for  non resident guests while lodging in Kan-A-Mouche

  • 1 day fishing: $85.00 per person
  • 3 days fishing: $190.00 per person


Fishing permit, fishing gear(rod, line, spoon, net and chain)

(the lures and lost and broken equipment are not included)

Boat, safety jacket and safety kit.

 Daily catch limit: 4 trouts

  • Spouse, children(12 year and over) $45.00 per person with a principal permit holder.

 All prices do not include taxes.

Fishing rates without lodging on the premises.

Daily fishing without  lodging on the premises.

  • Rates: $80.00

Catch limit: 8 trouts

Boat and safety kit included

  • Safety jacket: $2.50


All prices are before taxes.

We also offer gift certificates  contact us for more information!