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A short historic


Kanamouche is one of the oldest  lodge in the St-Michel-des-Saints area; founded in 1946 by Carmelle Daury, near the lake that was given her name: lake Carmel. A lover of hunting and fishing, she started hunting ducks at the age of nine. Originally from Champlain village near Trois-Rivières  she discovers the region when she was 15 years old during a fishing trip with her uncle in the early 1900’s. Years later she married Wendel Daury, the musical arrangement director for the Tommy Dorsey orchestra.  

Then she tours the United States with her husband for a year or so. Her husband passes away not long after. Seven year later  in 1938, Carmelle returns to Quebec attracted by the forest. She buys the land in St-Michel-des-Saints and builds the outfitter as we know it today. She spends most of her life directing the 5 star private club that was Kan-A-Mouche.

The outfitter has seen many famous and prestigious personalities such as the Kennedy family, the Duplessis, Rotchild, Bing Crosby, Bob Hope…

The site was also an attraction for the realisation of films and short movies: ’’La riviere des Jérémie’’ ‘’ L’invité’’ and many televised publicities and special magazine and newspaper articles. It was said that when Count Ferretti de Castelferretto flew over the site in 1974 he fell in love with it’s charm. He became the second owner. 

Later in the late 1980’s his daughter Leonora  was herself seduced and takes on, accompanied by Gilles Desjardins, a Biologist. Once frequented by these elite, politicians and artists from North America and Europe, and because of the high quality of it’s environment and the authenticity of it’s style,  Kan-A-Mouche is opened to fishermen, all lovers of nature, for relaxation and for those passionate who want to discover a true and wild environment.

For over 65 years, the family aspect and the personalised service have made the reputation of Kan-A-Mouche. Our dedicate personnel,  some being with us for over 20 years have developed an expertise and a professionalism which transpire into quality for your stay with friends, family and groups. We offer a very comfortable stay in a typical Canadian atmosphere and our clientele can quietly appreciate the exclusivity of adventure and discovery themes in a wild and intact environment