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Kan-A-Mouche/ St-Michel-des-Saints.

Having a Biologist as one of the owner Kan-A-Mouche is sensitive to the environment and  it’s ecological demands. Their objective is to exploit and conserve the diversity while assuring the  sustainability and the style of this historical site: A true natural and cultural patrimonial from the 50’s in the forest of St-Michel-des-Saints in Lanaudière.

Our philosophy is to create  close ties between the guests and nature so to impregnate them with the site’s energy allowing them to live an enriched experience in nature. Different  guided activities with themes such as, diversity, comprehension and  protection of natural environment are proposed.

Our challenge: Balancing economic advantages and environmental conservation  to find equilibrium between maximum capacity of the site while protecting the ecosystem. To achieve this challenge we rely on partners who regroup activities and hobbies that enhance our natural , cultural, and historical resources.

Our human resources and our choice of services supplier benefit our local and regional communities.